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Devil In A New Dress- Kanye West featuring Rick Ross (2010)

“She putting on her make-up, she casually allure/Text message break ups, the casualty of tour/How she gon’ wake up and not love me no more?”

Ouch! Whether it was Kim or another female, breaking up via text message might have been a bit harsh.

Deuces (Remix)- Chris Brown featuring Andre 3000, Drake, Fabolous, Kanye West and T.I. (2010)

“I hate n*ggas, but I love your mom/Give her a kiss for me, her second son/Get your mind right baby or get your sh*t together/You gon be hot a little while, Imma be rich forever”

Now, now Kanye. Were you really being that petty? Let’s all sit back and think… Kim Kardashian DOES have a well-known overbearing mother, Kris Jenner, who DOES have a son and well, Kim Kardashian is hot… Welcome to heartbreak, Ye.

Anyone But Him- Mr. Hudson featuring Kanye West (2009)

“I see your girl want me, I’m filling up her glass/Feeling on her ass, feeling so upper class/And your boy so fresh/I might even flash cash/So at the end of the night, you ain’t even gotta ask”

Haha! Ye, you sleazy man, you. Did you just admit to plotting on stealing Kim away from her now former-boytoy?

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