The first time I saw Kendra was at church. I was invited to come to church with my best friend and his wife. When I met her, my mouth dropped; she was just so gorgeous to me. I started attending the church but was inconsistent due to work and my party lifestyle. After a few years, I finally got my “stuff” together. One day after church, we officially met. She bullied me to attend the singles’ meeting at church. It was the first time we had spoken more than five words to each other. While at the singles’ meeting, I felt like a gazelle surrounded by a pack of lions. The women had their eyes on me; I couldn’t help that I worked out six days a week trying to prepare myself for a bodybuilding competition. I missed the next month’s singles’ meeting due to being ill, so Kendra reached out to me via Facebook. She sent me a message saying that she hoped they didn’t scare me off with all the staring and intense discussions. We started messaging back and forth, which led to all-night long phone conversations and eventually dating. After dating a short time, I already knew she was the one for me. It was very apparent to her when I told her I’m dating her with intentions on getting married; that made her happy.


When her sister found out that we were thinking about getting married, she immediately contacted me so we could brainstorm on putting together an unforgettable wedding proposal. First, I had to get the perfect ring. I thought it would take days or possibly weeks, but ironically, it only took one hour. That was a huge relief and gave us more time to put the proposal together. Her sister came up with the idea to do it at a Houston Rockets game. I jokingly said we can do it on the big screen. She said, “okay, I’ll make it happen.” The next day, she called me and said it’s going to happen and took the initiative to invite all of our family and friends which, again, was another huge relief. The day of the proposal, I played it cool. Kendra knew we were going to the game, but had no clue on what was going to happen. She even made a comment asking, “what if we get on the kiss camera?” I kept checking my pocket so I could position the ring perfectly to pull it out smoothly. At the game, the time finally came. During the second time-out of second quarter when the kiss camera came our way, she looked at me like, what is he doing? since I stood up. It hit her that I was proposing. She burst into tears when I asked her to marry me. She said, of course, and that made me the happiest man on the planet at that moment. I can’t wait to experience that same feeling again on June 19, 2014 on our wedding day.

Chris and Kendra plan on officially tying the knot on June 19, 2014! We wish them well!

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