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girl-phone-attackThe four major cell phone service providers–Sprint, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and AT&T — enabled customers to text their emergencies to the local governments in 16 states that are set up for it. (Only Vermont is currently using the technology statewide.) So yes, this basically means that instead of calling 911, you can no text them because nothing says emergency like furiously tapping your thumbs against you phone’s screen.

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For now, the FCC says that texting 911 should be limited to the hearing-impaired and people in situations where speaking could be dangerous (think domestic abuse or hostage cases), and photos and video won’t go through. Well, that makes sense, but just like with anything in this world–someone, somewhere is poised to abuse this service.

I can see it now–911′s account getting a flood of sexts, or worse, graphic images of various freaks’ body parts. Maybe folks won’t be that dumb, considering 911 has and will always have caller ID. Try your luck in texting them something inappropriate and I’m sure the police will be at your door in no time.

Would you text 911?


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