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Laiya was in ALL her glory when RZA stopped by Philly’s Morning Show. Laiya asked him about his relationship with Raekwon based on Raekwon’s recent comments in Rolling Stone Magazine

I love Raekwon-been my friend since the 3rd grade.

I know for a fact if we get in the studio magic is gonna happen.

When you’re not around somebody you don’t know their capabilities 

So he doesn’t know how many instruments I play now. He doesn’t know the level of my talent because he hasn’t been around me.

We don’t have the time together so he can’t identify where I’m at.

He goes on to talk about the other genres of music he works with and that Raekwon may have been in the studio with him on a day that he was working on another genre of music. Also talks about wanting to direct Method Man in a movie one day and that he loved Ghostface on Celebrity Couples because he didn’t change. He was himself. Listen to the audio below: