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Geena Rocero

According to Vlad TV, model and activist Geena Rocero the girl from The Weeknd‘s video “The Knowing” revealed to audiences at a TED Talk last week that she was not in fact born a woman!

Talk about making women everywhere feel a way! She’s gorgeous!

Rocero then announced the launch of Gender Proud, a campaign aimed at bringing awareness to the fact that only a few countries allow transgender people to update the gender on their legal documentation without first having to undergo forced sterilization or genital surgery.

Having legal documentation that matches the appearance of an individual is imperative as it can be a nightmare for transgender individuals who are not allowed to carry it. It enables them to be discriminated against or in some instances it can lead to them being harmed.


Take a look at the TED talk below and her appearance in TheWeeknd’s “The Knowing” video below!