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Former New Orleans Saints safety, Darren Sharper is suspected of committing seven rapes and 11 acts of drugging someone in four states, according to court documents filed in LA.

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This story has been developing for some time and I think I was in denial that this was possible. I think I was in denial NOT because he is a rich athlete but it seems more than just reckless, it appears to be very calculated….that to me is scarier. However, he has not been found guilty of anything and he is innocent until proven guilty. Here is an excerpt from court documents

 In the New Orleans case: a woman met Sharper at a Sept. 22 event for Saints football players. After the event, she accompanied him to a bar. While there, Sharper gave the woman a drink, which she consumed. Her next memory came several hours later, at around 10 a.m. on Sept. 23, when she woke up to Sharper “on top of her sexually assaulting her,” the declaration said.

On Sept. 24, the woman underwent a sexual assault examination at Interim LSU Hospital. On Nov. 4, the New Orleans Police Department received a DNA analysis report from the Louisiana State Police crime lab that Sharper’s DNA was present on a swab taken from the woman during her hospital rape examination

He is currently being held on $200,000  bond. The judge was asked to raise it to $10 million, but the judge postponed ruling on the request until Sharper’s arraignment Feb. 20

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Source Nola.Com