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T.O. Wife Rachael Snyder

As we previously reported, T.O.‘s estranged wife Rachel Snider, recently fled California in search of a divorce from her former NFL star husband after only 2 weeks of not so wedded bliss.

Snider claims T.O. never loved her and only used her to get a loan for a home in Sherman Oaks.

However, a rep for T.O. told TMZ Sports,

“Money is NOT an issue for Terrell. Come on, she’s a postal worker, do you really think she’s the primary on the loan?”

The rep says T.O. has a “new show coming out in March” and that he plans to file for divorce as soon as he returns to California. (The new show part makes people a little nervous…like maybe this is all staged for publicity for whatever he has that is coming out in March.)

Hmmmm….we don’t know if we think they should bug out on her for working at the Post Office…we’re just saying.  It’s respectable work and given the craziness that we’ve all been having for weather lately…most people appreciate their postal workers even more! But we digress.

For all we know, her Grammy or someone else may have left her a nice little nugget of money in a will or something. It’s kind of silly to assume she had nothing…but then again we don’t exactly know all of the details of this story either. Since stories always have two sides…guess we’ll have to wait until they head to court to find out what those sides are!


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