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The first thing we should acknowledge is that rapper Yelawolf is from Alabama. So hearing that he was sporting the Confederate Flag in pictures that he posted to Instagram didn’t really shock us…but yet it shocked us. Being that he is in a field that is predominantly influenced by African American cultures and traditions that just seems like a bad idea to begin with. But since he is from the South…it also seems like he should be all too familiar with that fact.

Take a look at the pics in question below.

Yelawolf Confederate Flag Pics

It seems somebody on his team knew better because those Confederate pics came down in a New York minute! However, for some it was too late because they had already seen the pics and felt a way about it.

Many are blaming Kanye West for it. The thinking being that since he had the nerve to drape himself in the Confederate Flag and seemingly embrace it…others must think it’s cool for them to do the same.

Let’s give brother Yelawolf a little bit of advice on this “fuzzy” area. If you couldn’t do it in a room full of black folk and feel safe and secure…then you probably don’t want to post that stuff on social media and think black people won’t be up and arms….especially not if you are asking for our co-signs and support.

Hope that helps.

Watch that Larry The Cable Guy told about Kanye West and the Confederate Flag controversy:


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