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Got a chance to check out the first episode of ‘Serch” & boy oh boy how about I actually like it. Serch is putting everybody down with GAME (Grown Ass Man Education)

Serch does all he can do to get to an end game with whoever is on his show giving drama just like this: (via youtube) David already has six kids by four different women. He says he loves all of his children, but, because of ongoing conflict with the mothers of two of his sons, he isn’t able to be the father he wants to be. Kim, David’s girlfriend and mother of his three daughters, says that David is a good parent to their girls and that the other baby mamas, Alesha and Danielle, are keeping his sons away from him out of jealousy and spite. Alesha and Danielle believe that David only cares about his daughters with Kim and they want him to step up and take care of the sons they share.