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Uh oh……Kanye West postpones some dates on Yeezus Tour. Philly, what does this mean? Could this be a Drake 2.0? Read details below

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According to a statement from Def Jam Records, a truck carrying a custom-made video truss and 60-ft circular LED screen for the tour was in an accident  on Wednesday (October 30). The gear was damaged beyond repair and will have to be replaced before the show carries on.

“This gear is central to the staging of The Yeezus Tour, and central to the creative vision put forth by Kanye West and his design team at DONDA,” a representative for Def Jam said in the statement. “As a result of this event, it is impossible to put on the show and The Yeezus Tour will be postponed until these essential pieces can be reengineered and refabricated.”

By now, we know Mr. West is a perfectionist and plays no games so this tour will not go on until it’s PERFECT. Philly’s date is November 16th and they are not saying whether that has been cancelled so for right now breathe easily. They ARE saying that Vancouver, Denver and Minneapolis are being postponed. Keep it locked to HOT 107.9 for details and be happy that at least you have advance notice that it could POSSIBLY be postponed and you weren’t sitting in the venue when you found out….#imjustsayin