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Ok friend I had a problem deciding on what to do with my hair since I wanna all of a sudden wake up & decide to start taking better care of myself. Laiya & I have been going to the gym. In case you don’t know, I happily wear weaves, I have a busy lifestyle & don’t have time to be concerned about my hair. After a couple of visits to the gym I felt like I was gonna go crazy, hair was stinking, sweaty, itching & anything else you can think of that might happen when one literally sweats out a weave (I dont mean in a good way). Anyway, we opened up with hotlines (855-575-1079) one day on the show because I needed help in deciding what to do with my hair again since I’m now working out. Most of the callers suggested getting a head wrap, perhaps even some curly weave (hair extensions) hair so I can better maintain it. Laiya suggested over & over again that I get ‘braids’ and I kept rolling my eyes because braids are known to pop off your edges & I love my edges. On Thursday morning, when I walked into the studio Laiya looked at me like ‘wtf do you look like me’ oh one better she actually said, ‘I told you to get braids but I ain’t think you would come in here with the same style.’ After a couple of going back & forths she even noticed that we even had on the same colors. I said, ‘you act like I got a camera in ya house.’ Anyway, I’ve always worn dark colors (my personal life is pretty dark) they make me feel more comfortable. I’m asking you friend, DO YOU THINK LAIYA & I LOOK ALIKE?