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The most popular video game out right now is Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 5 and one thing that draws fans to the game is its authentic music from a plethora of artists.  One of these artists that are being represented in the game’s soundtrack is rapper Daz Dillinger, but not legally.  According to Daz, the maker of the game Take Two Interactive and Rockstar Games have used his music without his consent and are profiting off this contribution.  He was offered about $4,300 in cash to use classics, C-Walk and Nothin’ But The Cavi Hit, but he declined and they were still put in the game. Now, Daz Dillinger and his lawyer have given them an ultimatum, either increase your monetary offer or take all current copies of the game that haven’t been sold off the shelves.  The game has sold about 15 million copies and made over $1 billion dollars already.  I wonder what will happen next, but $4,300 is definitely chump change to a billion!


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