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Denver Broncos v Philadelphia EaglesDrew Hallowell/Philadelphia Eagles/Getty Images)

Isn’t that what the commercial says. “No matter how hard they try to knock us down….we will rise.” I know it’s hard to believe especially when our beloved Birds are coming off an embarrassing 52-20 loss to the Denver Broncos, but so what.  This is Philadelphia, birthplace of Rocky. A character that embodies our never say die attitude, a character that routinely took his lumps, only to fight through the odds and become a champion.

So as much as this is an open statement to all the fans that may be a little distraught it’s also a wake up call to those players that visit the website and are routinely on social media.

Your skill has earned you the right to be a pro, and fate has brought you to Philadelphia.   We aren’t the only ones that expect you to fight through adversity and overcome any obstacle that is placed in front of you, the world does. The history of our fandom, the players that came before you that gave everything they had are the reason we stand in support of you.  We love our team and because of that tuff love we can say “fight harder for us” if the outcome isn’t a win, so be it. This game is over, throw it out and let’s get back on track.

There couldn’t be a better gift than having the New York Giants on the schedule this week. The Giants are the only winless team left in the NFC East and if we come out confident and play like we did versus Washington and San Diego we’ll have a shot at getting off this losing streak.

I believe, what about you?