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Photo Courtesy of @WeHeartBeyonce

Photo Courtesy of @WeHeartBeyonce

Beyonce  was in Coney Island to shoot a new music video. While there a fan-who is afraid of heights-was stuck on the Wonder Wheel. I know what you’re thinking…..stay with me

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Beyonce was in Coney Island to shoot a music video on the Wonder Wheel. They let people stay on the ride-I assume so that the ride and the video looked authentic. At some point Beyonce had to re-touch her make up which left people dangling on the ride for about 30 minutes. That’s when one woman started freaking out because she is afraid of heights. No one heard her freaking out as fans of Beyonce were screaming in excitement. If you are like me you are wondering the following “if you are afraid of heights WHY were you on the ride in the FIRST place?” The 47 year old woman is requesting an apology from Beyonce