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Local pool party for Cavaliers starter Dion Waiters‘ has Perkasie, Bucks County locals in an uproar. What town officials thought was to be a small  birthday gathering for the NBA star with a guest list of 100 close friends and family turned out to be almost 10 times more guest than approved. Town officials claim they informed the party promoters about their pool policies and town rules, but did they listen? Locals were in disbelief  to what was going on in their neighborhood and immediately took action by calling the police. Police officials said there were drugs and alcohol found on the scene. . It was said that some of the guest were even urinating on public properties as well as near by private homes. No one was arrested and town officials and police aren’t even sure if the Philadelphia native NBA star Waiters even attended the party.

Locals of Perkasie PA, held a town hall meeting on Monday complaining to the town officials for renting out their towns’ pool for a routy pool party. Residents feels the officials sold out their neighborhood for the greed of money. Authorities are now looking to put someone responsible for this and possible criminal charges.

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