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Did you know people 75,000 years ago were rocking gold chains? That’s before Jesus was born! According to Early Egyptians wore gold chains and bracelets traditionally to ward off evil. Ironically, they still fought wars over gold because also if you had a lot of gold back then you were the dominate group, country, etc. Gold also represented wealth, success and also bragging rights as it does today in our Black Culture.

Gold was first introduced to the Hip Hop Culture in the early 80’s by iconic group RUN DMC. After that other Hip Hop artist such as Slick Rick, Rakim and Big Daddy Kane. Over the years it became the core of Hip Hop fashion and lyrics, which led to the stereotype, if you didn’t have any gold chains that meant your rap career is wasn’t doing well, which is not true. Also the widespread of gold in the Hip Hop Culture transferred over to black films gold such as New Jack City, A-Team (Mr.T) and I’m Gonna Git You Sucka.

Currently in the hip hop culture of today gold is now being incorporated with religion and is now becoming a new trend with the Jesus Piece. A Jesus Piece is a chain with the face of Jesus as the pendent usually made out of gold and diamonds. The Notorious B.I.G was the first rapper to wear the Jesus piece to him and other rappers that wear it represents perseverance, faith and success.

So gold has been and still is a part of cultures from all around the world. Despite its many representation one thing is for sure people love gold.

words by: Harold Holland