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Rappers Sued


Music is one of the most powerful energies ever known to mankind. It can make you dance, make you cry, make you want to fight, or help you (accidentally) make a baby. Conversely, it can change your outlook on life for better or for worse and I’m almost positive that U.O.E.N.O. it.

Certain types of rap music in general can have a damaging effect on your subconscious if you let it, and before long, you’ll be emulating all the things your favorite rappers do, no matter how good or bad that may be.

Do you listen to too much rap music? The answer is probably an emphatic “YES!” if…

Rick Ross Performing Topless

You Refuse To Wear A Shirt In Public

If you feel the incessant need to travel through the streets topless, a la Rick Ross, it may be time to switch to another genre of music. A chest full of stretch-marked body art only looks good if your car costs more than your mother’s house.

money Held By Rubberband

You Cash Your Pay Check & Carry It Around In Rubber Bands

Don’t let rappers fool you; put your money in the bank. Riding around with your paycheck stashed in your pocket is only a good idea until you lose it and are forced to feed your family from the 0.99 cent menu for a month.

Lil Wayne Wearing Sunglasses

You Never Take Your Sunglasses Off

Sunglasses can make the average person appear to be someone important. They can also cause cornea strain, and you’ll end up having to replace them with magnifying bifocals long before you’ve reached 50 years old. That, my friends, is a far cry from looking cool, unless you think squinting for the rest of your days is “cool.”

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