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I had to read the title a couple times as well. NBA players fly for HALF of their season. How can you have this disorder and still play?

Here is the even better part-the Sixers are considering signing this player. So who is it? Read it below

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Yes the Sixers are considering signing former Houston Rocket Royce White. So how will they deal with his disorder?

“I don’t know what Philly’s intentions are. I’m just going to go there, work hard and try to earn my place.”

As to whether he will make the flight schedule

“One hundred flights would be like if you’re allergic to peanut butter – it’d be like spreading your whole body with it.”

In an interesting “dig” toward the Houston Rockets and Dwight Howard he says:-

“The NBA didn’t know if they wanted to allow the Rockets to pay for a bus, because it could be a salary cap infringement. When they try to get somebody like Dwight Howard — they could give him a house to say that helps his mental health.”