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In American culture good looks seem to be idolized more than personality or intelligence to the point that some of people’s biggest fear is being seen as ugly. We are constantly swarmed with advertisements, billboards, commercials, television shows, movies, and other forms of media that make us feel that we always need some type of product that can enhance our appearance. The media continues to show how much America glamorizes good looks, and these values have influenced peoples’ behavior and feelings. The problem with this is that as looks are placed on a pedestal, other more important traits such as personality and intelligence have been left on the floor.

This swayed type of thinking has even caused some to believe that looks are more than enough to maintain a relationship, and now more than ever have I seen so many good looking females who can’t maintain a relationship, and out of confusion they continue to ask their self “Why?” The thing is everyone notices good looks as these are what will usually attract two individuals to one another at first. Without knowing much about a person and before getting to know them all you really have to judge them by is what you hear and what you see. It is then through getting to know a person that you decide whether or not they’re enough of a match to take that next step.

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The problem is that during this “getting to know a person” period if two people already find the other as very attractive they let this blur their judgment, letting some of the person’s faults slide. Also, each of the individual’s friends who know little to nothing about the person their friend is talking to will judge them based on how appealing they are, and if they are good looking enough they’ll influence them to not let that person get away. This is what will sometimes contribute to two people getting into a relationship with good looks as the relationship’s foundation.

This becomes problematic as one can’t turn to good looks as the answer for the many issues couples face in a relationship. Common problems that may arise are lack of communication, trust issues, distance, lack of quality time, jealousy, and troubles dealing with one another’s insecurities, etc. Addressing all of these issues are imperative in helping maintain a lasting relationship and not one of these issues can be solved with good looks. Also, whether we like to admit it or not no matter how good looking our significant other is there will always be someone more physically appealing; therefore if your relationship is based on looks you will soon want to move on to someone more attractive. This is why judging someone on their inner beauty is more important that their outer beauty. It is through finding someone attractive in all aspects that you can walk through a public location and not even flinch for anyone else, even if they are more physically appealing than your significant other.

America’s media makes us believe good looks are everything, but their incentive is based on bringing in money through selling products. Yes, everyone loves appeal but if you’re goal is to maintain a long-lasting, healthy relationship than how much of a factor are you really going to let good looks play in helping you choose the right one?

words by: Giovanni Waters


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