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J. Cole performs at Wireless Festival 2010 - 04/07/10

If there ever was a case to support the NSA’s intrusion into our lives this man’s tweet is it. One of J.Cole’s twitter followers was so eager to have the rapper, who’s sophomore album “Born Sinner” is in stores today, “retweet” him that he threatened to shoot his little sister if he didn’t comply.

Cole appeased the young man and retweeted the message simply stating, “Wildest sh*t I ever seen on Twitter.”

The fan then wrote that he was a “man of his word” and showed himself purchasing Cole’s album, which he agreed to do if Cole re-tweeted him.

Evidently, Twitter members didn’t find the prank funny and have been blowing up his mentions since he pulled the stunt. He has responded that it was an unloaded B.B gun and that  ”Chief Keef can get away with ordering a hit but I can’t point a BB gun at my own sister? Y’all ain’t sh*t.”

The fact that he is using Chief Keef’s behavior to defend his is another issue. However, he added that “My mom is so mad at me…. I gotta go into hiding for a lil while.”

He’s lucky they haven’t traced his IP address and sent the Alphabet Boys to his door by now.


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