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In 2012 Nas released a song from his new album, “Daughters”[listen here] which addressed his daughter Destiny’s antics on Twitter. Some music fans joked that this was Karma for some of  Nas’ lyrics talking down on women, and others felt he was just a bad parent for letting this happen.

Nas’s ex and mother of Destiny, Carmen Bryant, wasn’t feeling the song, but on a musical level I gave the song more credit than Nas’ previous message to women, “Another Black Girl Lost.”  As a father of a little girl I had some thoughts about an artist making such a personal record and wanted to convene with some of my peers about the subject.

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So with some help from the  JumpoffTV crew I sent out the Bat signal to my brothers Chuck Creekmur of and Datwon Thomas at Vibe–both fathers of girls–to weigh in on the song and whether rappers who are parents are held to a different standard.


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