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The infamous website WorldStarHipHop.com ranks in the top 250 of America web trafficking, aggregating 1.1 million visitors daily. The site provides audiences with a diverse amount of clips including official music videos, commercials, and recaps of important events. Although containing the previously mentioned material, the site is notorious for its street fights and other violent acts caught on camera or cell phones. With these videos reeling in a large majority of the site’s audiences, controversy has arisen over the true purpose of this site and how negative of an impact it may have on its daily visitors. With the name “Worldstarhiphop”, viewers may begin to question how much of the hip-hop culture is really being presented in this site, and whether or not it is altering how America as a society defines and views hip hop.


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When questioned by LA Weekly about the videos being presented on his site the owner of WorldStar, Lee “Q” O’Denat, stated, “[S]trippers, drug talk, violent

talk, fights, animosity, love and hate — that’s just hip-hop culture… It’s very aggressive and in your face.” This statement leaves critics to question whether or not the types of videos being shown on Worldstar really do reflect the hip-hop culture, or if daily visitors are coming to believe that this is how they should define Hip-hop based on what they see.

words by: Giovanni Waters