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We posted last week J. Cole on the cover of the new issue of Billboard Magazine and of course they interviewed him about his career so far and check out what he had to say about his first album and how he may have influenced Kendrick Lamar.

“It took me a while to see it, but my album changed the business model. It showed the world that a radio single is great, but it’s only a bonus when you already have a fan base and music that people will die for. It showed record execs, who’d been doing things in a very old-school way, that there’s a new way-and J. Cole just did it. Kendrick never had to do that Lady Gaga ‘Partynauseous’ song.” Cole continues, “I’m sure Interscope was shoving that down his throat, like, ‘You got to work with Gaga.’ But he could say, ‘Yo, Cole did all those numbers with no singles, so we’re on the right track.’ Kendrick Lamar is making songs that are anthems for people’s lives, songs that change people’s lives, whether or not he had a radio single.” This and more inside J Cole’s interview with Billboard Magazine!