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Which NFL player was ‘outed’ by his boyfriend?

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His name is Kerry Rhodes

Kerry-Rhodes-Essence                Kerry-Rhodes-Essence-2

Ladies you would remember him from being in Essence Magazine. Fellas, you would remember him from the New York Jets and the Arizona Cardinals

In an interview with BallerAlert.com Russell, Kerry Rhodes Assistant is spilling the tea!

On how they met

“I got to know Kerry and we became very close. I moved in with Kerry at his home in Arizona.

On who started the relationship

“Of course he came on to me. I’m too fabulous to come on to anybody

“They said ‘Well maybe he loved him like a little brother. Listen, if he loved me like a little brother, he f**ked me like a wife!”

Ok that last quote did me in!!!! You MUST watch the video

In the words of Laiya, this was a HOT MESS