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Courtesy of Necole Bitchie/MTV News Dot Com

Recently, J. Cole talked to MTV News about the process of putting together the video for his single Power Trip featuring Miguel and wanting the video to be a concept video (storyline) versus a performance video (performing at a location).  Initially, J. Cole wasn’t going to put Miguel in the video because he had no place to put him in the concept, which involved J. Cole as an obsessed man over a women he was infatuated with since he was younger.  He wanted to date the women so bad that he would consider killing her current boyfriend and take his place.  Ultimately, J. Cole decided that Miguel could be an integral part of the video if Miguel agreed to be the boyfriend that Cole was going to murder.  There was a big problem, though.  Check out the video below at the :50 mark to find out the issue facing J. Cole in trying to get Miguel to do the video…

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And if you missed the full concept unfold, check out the Power Trip Video by clicking link below…