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A story has been circulating for awhile that one or more NFL players are considering “coming out” publicly. Now it seems as if there is some back pedaling

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Brendon Ayanbadejo use to play for the Baltimore Ravens and now fights for same-sex marriage equality. In an interview with the Baltimore Sun he said that a group of up to four players were considering coming out publicly. In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper Ayanbadejo downplayed the urgency of that event happening.

“No, actually, what it is is, is there’s organizations that I’m in contact with, and there’s individuals I’m in contact with and collectively we know of some gay players, And these players, some of them are anonymous, some of them we know who they are, but their identity is super secret and nobody wants to reveal who they are, and some of them, they don’t want to reveal who they are, rightfully so, because it’s entirely up to them what they are going to do.”

He went on to explain why they want to make the announcement together:-

“What we want to facilitate is getting them all together so they can lean on each other, so they can have a support group”

This story is developing….