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Jim Jones

According to, rapper Jim Jones plead guilty today in Fair Lawn Municipal Court to a disorderly conduct charge dating back to an arrest outside his home in February.

Judge Steven C. Schechter imposed a fine of  $841 to settle the disorderly conduct charge as well as two other active warrants that   were outstanding in Jones’s name.

The police report indicates that, Sgt. James Corcoran observed a parked car with a parking summons on the windshield. The car had not been moved since the snowstorm on Feb. 8. The summons was issued on Feb. 6 for a parking violation.

Corcoran was in the process of having the vehicle towed because he considered it to be abandoned when Jones asked the sergeant what he was doing. After Corcoran explained, Jones agreed to remove the vehicle from the road and pay the towing fee.

At that point, Corcoran learned that Jones had two active warrants. One was a $43 warrant for failure to remove snow from the sidewalk  in 2011. The other was for $150 and was issued for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle from Paterson in 2010.

Upon learning of the warrants, Jones became belligerent and uncooperative, according to police. Jones provided false information to Corcoran and attempted to walk away when he was being placed under arrest, so says  the police report.

Jim was taken into custody and was charged with obstruction and disorderly conduct. After being transported to police headquarters he was released after posting bail.

He later received a motor vehicle summons for having an abandoned vehicle.

Boy, there must not be any crime at all in Jim Jones’s neighborhood! If those things make you a hardened criminal where he lives, then we’re going to get out the real estate listings immediately! We’re imagining a place where roses grow up through concrete and it rains jelly beans every other week! Apparently there is no bad doing at all on Jim Jones’s block as they give fines and jail time for slight offences there!

We’re not saying you should ignore the law, or not obey or even pay summons bills, what we are saying is, never in a million years could we imagine going to jail in the back of a police cruiser for it! Good Luck Jim!


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