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Matt Lauer gets flack over Chris Brown interview on The Today Show.


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On one side there are those who feel that Matt Lauer was too nice and friendly toward Chris Brown. Then there are those-specifically #TeamBreezy who are mad that Chris is still being asked about the Rihanna incident


@ErinGoBawl wrote, “So the cynics and skeptics are the ones not forgiving Chris Brown for BEATING THE S**T OUR OF HIS GIRLFRIEND? Okay, cool Matt Lauer.

@ShaunaStuppia wrote, “F the @todayshow for having @chrisbrown an admitted abuser of women on. Disgusting. You couldn’t find anyone else on the show? Shame.”

@hairties tweeted: “You know when the Today show is desperate for viewers when they interview and sympathize with Chris Brown.”

Then there was #TeamBreezy

@Inez_louise — “Yessss @chrisbrown Mat was getting annoying!!!! It was more about him and @rihanna then it was about his music ugh typical!!!! I wish they would stop talking about what happened in 2009!!!”

@DasaniAquafina wrote, “People are so damn nosey. I just wanted to hear @chrisbrown new single but these man keeps talking bout some bullsh*t.”

Really sucks to be Matt Lauer all of this comes one week after another interview that he was criticized over