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Earlier this week, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shocked the world after announcing that they would be stepping back from their Royal duties to focus on becoming financially independent. While many have their own speculations for their departure, the truth is that royal life isn’t as glamours as it appears to be. Here are 7 reasons why you would not want to be apart of the royal family.

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1. Whatever the Queen Says Goes

Queen Elizebeth is the head honcho of the United Kingdom. Everyone who graces her presence is expected to rise when she stands, and when she enters or exits a room. Men are also required to bow their heads when greeting the Queen. It sounds like someone needs to get over themselves. 

2. No Royal PDA

Public displays of affection are looked down upon in the royal palace. Senior members of the royal family technically are not forbidden to engage in PDA. However, they are strongly urged to use their better judgment when interacting with each other in public.

3. No Royal Nicknames

When Kate Middleton swore in as the Duchess of Cambridge, she was required to be addressed by her full given name, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. 

4. Nothing is Done Without the Queen’s Approval

Talk about a control freak! The Queen is said to approve all of her children’s and grandchildren’s marriage union under the Royal Marriage Act of 1772. If asking for your grandmother’s permission to love isn’t enough, wedding gowns also require the Queen’s approval.

5. You Have to Maintain a Strict Royal Diet

Food is also regulated in the royal family. Shellfish is one of the many foods that is never served because it could lead to food poisoning and allergic reactions.

6. Dinner Parties Are No longer fun

Think you could let loose at family dinner parties, think again. Dinner parties are extremely formal and involve tons of protocol. The Queen carefully crafts a schedule for the entire night.

7. Even Some Words Are Off-limits 

When you are apart of the royal family, you have to watch what you say. A “toilet” should always be referred to as a “lavatory

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