Benjamin Crump

Source: Sarah / R1/Digital

Civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump has a new book called “Open Season.” In his book, he gives an analysis of legal tenets including the 13th Amendment, the 1951 Genocide Petition to the United Nations, and the controversial Stand Your Ground laws. He explores how race detrimentally influences sentencing and reveals how police unions protect officers who shoot unarmed civilians.

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During the interview he discussed the Amber Guyger sentencing and Ben Crump said he has never seen a judge handle a situation like that.

It made me think of all the people of color who never got any consideration like that, who never got anywhere near that measure of thoughtfulness

Ben Crump said being a convicted felon and not being permitted to vote, serve on jury duty, or serve in the military is the tip of the iceberg.

If you want to go to college you can’t get a federal student loan or grant. If you want to be a teacher you can’t get a certification, a nurse can’t get a certification. Many states won’t allow you to get certification to be a beautician. In Atlanta if you want to be an exotic dancer in a strip club and you’re a convicted felon, you can’t get a certification for that.

Well who knew you need certification to be a stripper and that a convicted felon couldn’t be a stripper? Full interview below


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