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Philadelphia is home to nearly 1,000 sugar daddies. This according to

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The top 3 locations to meet a sugar daddy in Philadelphia are #1 Rittenhouse #2 Point Breeze and #3 Kensington. Rittenhouse is home to over 244 sugar daddies. Any surprise there? So we were intrigued and decided to dive deeper into this sugar daddy phenomenon. We found an expert. Necol is a former sugar baby who flipped her knowledge into a business and now wants to help you find your sugar daddy. Necol is a Sugar Dating Consultant  who recently graduated from Matchmaking School. She is based in Seattle, Washington but don’t let the distance stop you from reaching out to her. She can do everything she needs to do over the phone and internet!

Some of the most frequently asked questions will be answered in the interview below like, isn’t this a form of prostitution? What are the benefits of having a sugar daddy? Have any women gone on to marry their sugar daddy and more! You can hit her up on Instagram @AskNecol5.0

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