Hakim Laws

Source: Sarah / Radio One

We finally found Philly hero, Hakim Laws. Hakim has become a Philly legend and has become a national story when he saved a baby and a woman from a burning building and shaded Philadelphia Eagle, Nelson Agholor. Watch below:

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After a little investigation and the help of social media, we found Hakim! What we didn’t know was that he use to be a firefighter. He left that job in February. He use to work at Engine 27 in North Philly. While we see his comedic side in the clip above, when he described the on-the-spot decision to jump into action and save a woman and her baby we get to see a very compassionate man.

But back to the comedy. We asked him if he was going to accept the invitation that Nelson Agholor extended to him on Twitter.

He said that Nelson had not reached out to him directly but that some of his representatives had reached out.

We goin be there tho. We want to go to every game. I ain’t one of them fans you goin give something to and I’m just goin shut up, this ain’t going away. This like herpes, it keeps coming back.

How many tickets will be ok for you to go to a game, like 2?

Nah for real y’all  need to give me a little more than that. 6-8 tickets would be cool

Do you want this for the next game or for the rest of the season?

I don’t want to be too greedy, I would like that, that would be dope. The reason I say that is everybody goin say, ‘want to go to this game I want to go to that game.’ When you get put in this situation, y’all made me famous overnight, everybody want this, everybody want that even though they don’t deserve it. So if I got more, I can give more. It ain’t just about me

Do you still have a grudge against Nelson Agholor?

I don’t have a grudge at all. In fact like when it happened and I looked at his IG and I seen that he does a lot of work with some youth and things like that so that’s real respectable. Me making that humorous comment is based off the fact that we got faith in you

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