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Philadelphia is home of the Philly cheesesteak and Rocky Statue.

It’s also apparently where you go if you want to get punched for rocking any opposing sports team’s jersey on game day.

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That is exactly what happened this past Sunday when 76ers’ forward, Mike Scott showed up to the Eagles game opener wearing a Washington Redskins Jersey.

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As shown in the video, Scott is seen being boo’ed during the tailgate before coming to blows with several fans in what appears to be friendly trash-talking gone wrong.

You can even hear one fan on video saying, ” Mike, this is just one fight you will not win.”

Now if there’s one thing you shouldn’t do, it’s come between Philadelphia fans and their favorite sports team. But when did we lose the brotherly love in good ole’ fashion sportsmanship?

This isn’t the first time that our fans have been known to get unruly during games.

A similar incident happened in 1983 where a redskins fan was beaten up twice for dressing up as an Indian during another Redskins-Eagles lineup.

Let’s not forget to mention the year two Phillies fans made news after being escorted from the ballpark for purposely vomiting on an off-duty police officer and his 11-year-old daughter.

While there’s no word on whether Scott will be penalized for Sunday’s altercation, Philadelphia continues to hold down the fort as the worst loyal sports fans.

Here’s how twitter reacted to yesterday’s fight:

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