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Today marks Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter’s 37th Birthday, a day formally known as “Bey Day.”

If you’re apart of the Bee-hive like us, then you’re probably already celebrating the biggest unofficial holiday of the year.

What’s a better way to celebrate the queen’s birthday than by acknowledging 7 times Beyoncé has gotten us into formation using her lyrics.

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Here are 7 times Beyoncé empowered us all through her lyrics:

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1. Put some respect on my check or pay me in equity. Watch me reverse out of debt

It’s no secret that the gender pay gap continues to be a huge problem in America. Women earn just 79 cents for every dollar men make regardless of their job occupation or seniority. In her song ‘ApeShit,’ Beyoncé is unapologetic when speaking up to ask for what she deserves even if that means paying her in unconventional ways.

2. I ain’t sorry

Speaking of unapologetic, Beyonce’s hit single, “Sorry” empowers women to stand behind their actions and emotions while dealing with any situation in life, even breakups.

3. I dream it, I work hard, I grind til I own it

No Beyoncé song has gotten us into formation more than the lyrics from “Formation” itself. Throughout the song, Muva inspires us to strive towards our goals by looking pass any glass ceilings that may stand in our way.

4. Always stay gracious. The best revenge is your paper

The song ‘Formation’ has so many gems that we had to add it to the list twice. These lyrics teaches us that the only way to prove others wrong is through hard work, which just so happens to come in the form of lots of cash.

5. Lights! Somebody gettin’ fired. Hey! Hey!

True Beyoncé fans know this one! The quote comes from a video posted from a previous concert in the Netherlands, where Bey fires her engineer while performing for not turning the stage lights on fast enough. Although this is not technically considered lyrics, it proves that women can be unapologetic bosses. Not to mention, the quote is pretty darn catchy too.

6. If you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it. 

“Single Ladies” serves as the ultimate break-up song for women everywhere. These lyrics motivate ladies to ditch any lover who fails to give them what they deserve. In this case, what is deserved is a ring.

7. Every diamond has imperfections, but my love is too pure to watch it chip away. 

Beyonce’s song, “All night” is a song off of her Lemonade album that explores the importance of love, family, and forgiveness. These lyrics teach us that love comes with sacrifices because no one is perfect.


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