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Time sure does fly! It seems like it was just yesterday when summer first began and now children are already headed back to school. In preparation of the academic school year, here are 8 annoying things teachers hate hearing from parents during the school year:

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1. I am not buying all of those school supplies just so everyone in the class can use them

Back to school shopping can be expensive, especially when shopping for an entire family. However, buying things like tissues, hand sanitizers, and Clorox wipes for your child’s classroom reduces germs from spreading and prevents your child from getting sick during the school year, which ultimately saves you time and money in the long run. Plus, pitching in to maintain the classroom teaches children a sense of collectivism. After all, school is their home away from home, and everyone should play a part in contributing.

2. Is there school tomorrow?

This one is especially true for the times where there may be inclement weather. Parents we get that you’re just trying to plan ahead for the snow day, but imagine being asked the same question via text over 20 times. Most of the time, teachers aren’t aware of the answer if you aren’t and will most likely get any updates from the School District of Philadelphia’s website or local news stations-all things that you can do on your own.

3. My child lost their lunch box. Can you keep an eye out for it?

Teachers wear many hats during the school year, but keeping up with your child’s belongings isn’t one of them. Teach your child to be responsible for their things.

4. Giving excuses for why your child poor behavior

Parents, no one likes to be the bearer of bad news. Quite frankly, teachers hate having to inform you of when your child is misbehaving because it takes away from teaching. Please don’t be the parent that gives the teacher a hard time by refusing to believe them or by rationalizing your child’s behavior. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t ask questions for a better understanding, but giving excuses only enables your child and prevents them from reaching their maximum potential.

5. I didn’t know there was an early dismissal today

We think we speak for all teachers when we say, how sway? Besides the fact that faculty sends home several reminders and plaster flyers all over designated pick-up areas around the school’s campus, you should know when you child dismisses from school each day. After all, your children are your most prized possession, right? Get there on time!

6. Why Is my child not allowed to go on the class trip?

Parents, please do not reach out to teachers about your child not being able to attend school trips especially when you’ve failed to respond to them about attending parent-teacher conferences or other more relevant matters concerning your child’s education.

7. The reason why your child had to hand in their project late

Book reports are children’s first introduction to punctuality and accountability. Teach them to be responsible by helping them stick to deadlines early on.

8. If someone hits my child, I encourage them to defend themselves

No one wants their child to be bullied at school. However, phrases like this only increase physical altercations in school. Try prompting your child to use their words to resolve conflict instead.

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