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Men. We hear it all the time, “why aren’t there any good fathers?” Let alone the other inquiry, “Why are all the good ones taken.” Its a vicious circle. We listed 5 Guys that needed to grow up. Eight of these guys are great catches! Some of them are taken, some of them are single, some of them are great role models while others can use a little help along the way. So, we listed 9 of the most physically attractive dudes and asked for your opinion (go ahead, call us vain!). These are the most attractive men in tinsel town who the ultimate list of Dads We’d Like to F**k.

Swagger? Check. Style? Check. Game? Check. Focus? Check. They’ve got it all and ladies, did we pick a pretty good batch to sink our teeth into. Whether we see them on the field, in the Oval Office, or in front of a camera, here is our list of dads we’d like to… well, you know.

The Stag DILFs



Who is he: Who is he: R&B lothario Usher Raymond has a track record for unleashing savvy chart topping pop hits and a knack for turning women into desirable maneaters. With smash singles “U Remind Me,” “Yeah,” “You Make Me Wanna” and “Nice and Slow,” the “OMG” crooner has garnered five Grammy awards and has more female aficionada than anyone in the game. Yeah, this includes Trey Songz.

Why him: Part owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the smooth-talking song-and-dance man spoke at the U.S. House of Education and Labor Committee investigation to promote service and volunteerism via his nonprofit charity org New Look, which advises disadvantaged youths.

The Skinny: After wedding stylist Tameka Foster-Raymond on August 3, 2007, the couple welcomed sons Usher Raymond V and Naveid Ely Raymond before divorcing after an alleged year of separation.


Ricky Martin

Who is he: Ex-Menudo boyband wunderkind and five-time Grammy award winner Ricky Martin shook his bon-bon to the top of the charts with his stellar Latin-pop classics “Livin’ la Vida Loca” and “She Bangs,” re-establishing the importance of Latin and Hispanic artists in world music. He was named one of People magazine’s Most Beautiful People in 2000, becoming a household sex object.

Why him: The Puerto Rican papi chulo founded the Ricky Martin Foundation, a charity that combats battles child trafficking and violence against children among other critical issues. That alone get him browny points.

The Skinny: Right before he openly came out as gay, solidifying his spot as a huge LGBT sensation, Ricky Martin announced the birth of twin boys Valentino and Matteo—who were delivered via gestational surrogacy—after a few weeks of their nativity.  Martin says he came out because of them, as he no longer wanted to live a closeted life.


Cristiano Ronaldo

Who is he: Portuguese futbol player Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro is the No. 1 winger and sometimes forward of the Spanish society Real Madrid. Serving as its head honcho captain of the Portuguese national team, he is the Tiger Woods of the sport, earning more than any player in history after he was transferred from Manchester United for £80 million (that’s $132 million in U.S. dollars). In addition, he will receive a superfluous £11 million per year over the next six years for being a team player. Now that’s awesome.

Why him: Despite his alleged pay off to an American waitress he paid be the surrogate mother to his baby boy, he still has a lot to learn about caring for a child. While his family is taking of his child, the young athlete fashionista is usually seen perusing high end designer shops for the latest trends in his lonesome.

The Skinny: More news follows the more popular man in soccer. After only 4 weeks of its birth the child was rushed to the hospital while Ronaldo was attending a funeral, MTV UK reported. Is he avoiding responsibility or is his schedule too hectic? We don’t know.


Tiger Woods

Who is he: He’s the only reason we tune into televised golf networks. A whiz kid at only two-years-old, Wood grew into one of the most successful golfers of all-time, becoming the highest-paid professional athlete in the world with an estimated between $90.5 million and $105 million in endorsements and earnings according to Sports Illustrated and Forbes respectively.

Why him: The World No. 1 and winner of over 65 PGA Tour events since 1996, had a squeaky clean reputation as the world’s most grounded athlete before the skeletons in the closet accumulated into a cemetery. Over a dozen women stepped forward claiming Woods was in the aggressor of several infidelities. While he gets lousy points as a husband, he’s still doing a swell job as a dad. He even sponsors charities to help disadvantaged children.

The Skinny: The controversy of his alleged 120 affairs inspired the adult film industry and commentary from hypercritics and the outrageous coverage of the events that took place between he and his Swedish former fashion model wife Erin Nordegren is on everyone’s tongue. Will she divorce the lovable golf connoisseur? Who knows.

The Taken DILFs



Who is he: Known for his yearning tenor and wispy falsetto, Nigerian-Brazilian British soul singer Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel is known for his smash hits “Kiss from a Rose,” “Fly Like an Eagle” and “Amazing.”

Why him: Any guys that is quoted for noting that their wife is “most beautiful” when she’s with child—though let’s face it, his supermodel wife Heidi Klum is a stone cold fox—gets immediate brownie points. The result, he reemerged as a sex symbol.

The Skinny: He took her for his own when she was prego with another dude’s spawn, and took child Leni as his own. A pretty great catch, he had two children with Bravo’s Project Runway Heidi Klum, Johan Riley and Henry.


Will Smith

Who is he: Giant fave and hip-hop legend Will Smith bursted on the scene over 20 years ago and garnered the first ever award for Best Rap Performance and went on to become one of the biggest banking male actors in Hollywood.

Why him: Marrying celebrated actress Jada Pinkett in 1997, the box office star is the father of son Trey (from his previous marriage to Sheree Zampino) and children Jaden and Willow, all of whom are budding film stars and fashionistas.

The Skinny: Constantly in the spotlight, Will and Jada produced the Broadway hit Fela!, their son Jaden recently starred in the remake of The Karate Kid, Willow has seen as the new  tween fashionista and Trey is a budding athlete. Not bad, eh?


Barack Obama

Who is he: On principle, we should not even be allowed to introduce him. After all, he is only the 44th and current President of the United States of America, let alone the first African-American to hold the position.

Why him: The shinning gem of the African-American family, Barack Obama and wife Michelle are more picture perfect than any Better Homes & Gardens prototype. With their beautiful daughters Sasha and Malia, the Obama clan is doing well as portraying sophisticated cool.

The Skinny: With a solid foundation and coming in on being two years in office, the family are implementing a solid stance on education, health and children first.


Johnny Depp

Who is he: The offbeat, cinema bizarre thespian is a man that barely needs an introduction, having solidified his status as the world’s most entertaining movie star.

Why him: This is a list of our favorite good looking celebrity fathers and not only is he easy on the eyes, but is handling his responsibility of raising children Lily-Rose Melody and Jack with super sexy French fashion model girlfriend Vanessa Paradis.

The Skinny: Since his claim o fame in the hit series 21 Jump Street, he has had many reincarnations on the screen. From boy toy chop suey in the original A Nightmare On Elm Street to a world-weary drawn curtain automation recluse in Edward Scissorhands. From a faded Holly transvestite in Ed Wood, an an absinthe guzzling human drug cartel in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas to an orange haired kook-and-crank schizo mood ring in Alice in Wonderland.  His most famous personification, the No. 1 AA slurry wordsmith pirate adventurer Jack Sparrow was adapted by black and Latino youth for his sleazy chic vagabond decay and turned Depp into an overnight film icon. He will star in four films in the next year: The Rum Diary, Rango, The Tourist and will reprise the role of Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.


LL Cool J

Who is he: The hip-hop legend that gave us hits “I Can’t Live Without My Radio,” Hey Lover,” “Around The Way Girl,” “Mama Said Knock You Out” and a bevy of other hits was right on the money when he choose his rap name: Ladies do Love Cool Jay!

Why him: He’s “bad.”

The Skinny: His long standing relationship with his wife Simone Johnnson has become a thing to envy in the hip-hop and community, and Todd Smith (his birth name) has seen the love. His beautiful girls Samaria and Nina Simone see it too.