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It looks like Jay-Z can add yet another title to his resume!

The hip-hop mogul will reportedly become the first African American to become part-owner of a major sports franchise for the NFL.

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The news comes only days after announcing his cultural and commerce partnership with the NFL in a press conference with the commissioner, Roger Goodell.

“He’s a huge fan, already has a sports business and wants to continue to be a change agent for the NFL.” said a reputable source when asked what led Jay-Z’s interest in becoming an owner.

This news has sparked much controversy in the media.

One person not too fond of Jay-Z’s decision is Colin Kaepernick’s best friend, Eric Reid.

“Jay-Z claimed to be a supporter of Colin, he wore his Jersey, he told people not to perform at the Super Bowl because of the treatment the NFL did to Colin, and now he’s going to be a part-owner,” said the Panthers Safety. “He’s sounding despicable.”

Reid was among the few who stood by Kaepernick’s protest against systematic oppression which later ended in a $10 million settlement from the NFL.

There is no word yet on which team Jay-Z will own, however, that hasn’t stopped people from talking on social media.

Here’s how some have reacted via Twitter:


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