FILE Changes Announced In Maternity Services

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A couple in Pennsylvania is facing criminal charges after they lied about the birth and death of their child in exchange for gifts and money. The couple claimed to give birth on July 3rd to a baby boy. They claim the boy died hours after birth of respiratory distress syndrome.

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A friend notified the police and said they thought the pregnancy was fake.  The couple used a newborn look-alike doll and posted it on social media. When police investigated they found holes in the story. The couple claimed the baby died at the hospital. The police found no record. They also claimed to have cremated the baby. No records found.

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When the police searched the house of the couple they found the look-alike newborn doll and the urn inscribed with the baby’s name. The couple also created a GoFundMe account for funeral expenses. They collected over $500 from friends and family. The couple also collected gifts and money from a baby shower. The couple is being charged with fraud and theft by deception.



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