Shawn Wayans

Source: Sarah / Radio One

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Shawn Wayans is from the legendary Wayans Family. He was in town performing and stopped by the show.

Could there be a In Living Color reboot?

I don’t know…would I want to do In Living Color on a week to week basis? Probably not. Not in this climate. A Netflix special? Now that sounds like fun. We’ve actually talked about that.

Are we ever going to get White Chicks? Are we ever going to get the Wayans Brothers?

We’re talking about White Chicks. Our boy Terry Crews came out not too long ago and said that we were doing it. I did see Terry, I was at a clothing store, he seen me I seen him and he was like, ‘Aww brother man, what’s going on with White Chicks man?’ I said, ‘I hear you man, we working on it, we’ll see what happens.’ He was like, aww man bless, bless. We gotta do that. Then I see him on TV and he says, ‘I talked to Shawn, we doin it.’ I was like ‘what? Hold up!’ We are trying to do it. Trying to do it does not mean we are doing it.

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