Gary Owen

Source: Sarah / Radio One

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Comedian Gary Owen stopped by the show on Friday. What we didn’t know was that it was also his birthday! Gary is a great storyteller so he told us about Dolphin from back in the day aka Big Dog Productions and how he use to bring Gary to Philly all of the time but never put his name in the commercial. Check it out below

We also talked about the woman in North Carolina, Nancy Goodman, who called two black women the n-word when they were loud inside of a restaurant. Nancy said she is not sorry. We got Gary’s take on that. He then told us a story about the time he was out with an NFL player and something similar happened. K. Foxx asked Gary for an update about the Delta airlines situation. Remember when Delta singled his wife out as if she couldn’t POSSIBLY sit in first class? Watch below and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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