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So much was covered with Irv Gotti. It is a full and highly entertaining 41 minutes. Here are some highlights:

What’s your most successful song?

I’m Real (Jennifer Lopez & Ja Rule) it was #1 all over the world. It was our biggest, biggest record. Foolish was huge too (Ashanti). My biggest accomplishment is Rule 3:36. Ja Rule’s 2nd album. The singles were ‘Between Me and You’, ‘Put It On Me’ and ‘I Cry’. the Murder, Inc sound was developed on that album. It’s the biggest accomplishment because I helped the career of these other two artists named Jay-Z and DMX. So here it is I helped them and in essence they are now in my way. You’re never going to be cooler than Jay; he’s the coolest, slickest rapper.  You’re never going to be more street than X. So with 3:36 we had to carve our own niche and we did it. To this day that’s the Murder Inc sound.

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How is your relationship with Jay-Z

It’s great me and Jay are brothers. We had our rough patch when I tried to sign Nas, rightfully so, we got passed it. It’s weird because there is an understanding, He knows I’m a bit crazy and ambitious and passionate and I know who Jay is.

On Supreme

He’s my brother. I speak to him, I go and see him, he’s still in my life. He’s my biggest supporter whenever something [happens] he’s the first, ‘yo kill ’em man’ It’s weird because his spirit is always upbeat and he’s in jail for the rest of his life. He wants me to win and when I win he feels like he’s winning too. He’s very inspirational for me.

On whether he has any regrets

I regret a few moves. I regret trying to sign Nas after Super Ugly. I love Nas, he’s my bro but Jay is my brother; I’ve known Jay since I was 17, I shouldn’t have done that. I regret some things I said about J.Lo in an interview and she was like my best friend. I was high and stupid and said dumb things. I don’t regret my friendship with ‘Preme which brought on the FEDS and I understand that’s why they came after me.

You know Irv has WAY more stories and he said that there will be a documentary probably 3 or 4 part one-hour thing. Watch the full interview below


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