Freddie Gray Baltimore Protests

Source: (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) / Getty

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The Braintree, Massachusetts PD are hoping so, asking would-be criminals to chill out until the intense heat passes through. The PD posted a note to potential wrongdoers through their Facebook page which read

Due to the extreme heat we are asking anyone thinking of criminal activity to hold off until Monday.  It’s straight-up as hot as soccer balls out there.  Conducting criminal activity in this extreme heat is next-level henchman status and dangerous.” The police did offer advice for any bored offenders out there with, stay home, blast the AC, binge Stranger Things season 3, play with a face app or practice karate in your basement.”  The note had a hopeful message for lawbreakers reading “We’ll all meet again Monday when it’s over” but warned “P.S. Please no spoiler alerts.  We’re just finishing season 2.”

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