United Shuttle Passengers

Source: David Butow / Getty

When traveling on a plane you always want to make yourself comfortable; but just how comfortable is too comfortable?

That’s the question that has many people debating on Twitter after author Alafair Burks posted a video of a man browsing in-flight entertainment options with his feet while on a plane.

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The caption reads: “My friend who doesn’t have Twitter sent this from her flight. It belongs on Twitter.”

In the 7 second video, the man is seen using his right foot to scroll through the touchscreen while resting his left foot on the wall.

Now before you try to rationalize this disgusting act, please note that the man in question did not have any physical disabilities that would have restricted him from simply leaning forward to use his hands. The videographer confirmed that she saw the man on and off of the flight carrying his luggage.

This video comes to us as no surprise seeing that a 2015 survey from the University of Nottingham found that about 10 percent of the things you touch at an airport carries a virus with the most heavily infested place being security checkpoint.

The chilling fact makes us appreciate the viral video of Naomi Campbell sanitizing her entire section before take off just a tad bit more.

Next time you board a flight, think twice before you avoid sanitizing your area. You never know whose foot sweat you may be encountering.


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