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A man in Florida offered a homeless man a job instead of giving him money and the homeless man copped an attitude. The homeless man didn’t want a job, he wanted to continue to collect his coins at the corner! Read the story here

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After work I hopped in my car. I always get myself together before driving off; charge cell phone, pull out ear buds for phone and put on my seatbelt. As I am doing my routine, someone bangs on my window. I assume it’s PPA because my meter was about to expire.

I look up and a man, not PPA, is banging on my window.

I crack the window, like literally, a smidge. He THROWS a piece of paper in my car. The paper floats under my passenger seat and now I have to unbuckle my seat belt and fish for the paper. I am annoyed now.

I read the note. He is DEMANDING $10!!! Are you serious??? Homeless people are now DEMANDING a specific amount?

I look at him and say, “you have to be kidding? I am not giving you $10.”

I realize he can’t speak (hence the note) so now he is giving me a dirty look. I roll my window up so fast because now I don’t know what he’s going to do next. He proceeds to take his hustle to the car parked in front of me where someone just got in.

How did we get here? Homeless people are demanding a specific dollar amount? I’m confused. Follow me on Instagram @DCGirl627


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