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Anyone who is well versed in Slum Village or J. Dilla specifically for that matter, knows who Maureen Yancey aka Ma Dukes is. Ma Duke’s is  J. Dilla’s mother and a beloved mother figure to many in the Hip Hop community.

According to Ma Dukes reached out to “The Worlds’s Most Dangerous Site” to set the record straight about some things that were troubling her regarding a recent exchange via Twitter between J. Dilla confidant and producer House Shoes and Zulu Nation affiliate and producer 9th Wonder.

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When asked about her feelings regarding the harsh comments Houseshoes made about The Zulu Nation, Ma Dukes had this to say:

“With him (The late J. Dilla) being so close to Tip and them doing so much work together, that’s what Uhma meant, ‘brothers united.’ So how can you question a brotherhood of something. Somtehing that is moving something forward for our race. I don’t agree with any negative [comments on The Zulu Nation]. I don’t think he should have imposed his feelings or comments upon the world on a public forum. It made me very uncomfortable after us [settling our disagreement].” also asked about House Shoes being dubbed “Detroit’s Hip Hop Ambassador To The World”  during a 2012 Hip Hop DX interview. He was said to have gotten the title because he feels no one else “has been as responsible or cared as much about presenting the greatest artists [of Detroit] ” to the world. Her response to this was priceless!

“The article represents Shoes as the ambassador of the city. But he’s been gone for years now. There are other DJ’s that are really representing Detroit and don’t speak negatively about Detroit out in public forums. He’s a Californian now. [Laughs] So he should not be labeled Detroit’s ambassador. He did help Dilla and was breaking records down at Saint Andrews but he was not the only DJ representing Dilla and Slum Village and breaking records for them.”

See the rest of her interview here.

There are a million reasons why people still show love and long for J. Dilla, but one indirect reason is clear, he was raised by a woman who exudes dignity and grace. Her son, J. Dilla was very much a reflection of that in his work, and in his life. Sometimes voices of reason come when we least expect to hear from them. We’re glad that there are still some adults in the room when it comes to this whole Hip Hop music thing.

Let’s get a little J. Dilla ear candy in before we go. Enjoy!



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