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Think of a “bona fide star,” a person who is seemingly a single breakthrough away from achieving their goals . This describes an individual whose talents are  “undeniable,”  and are already “there,” however they are just waiting for the rest of the world to discover them. Within the crowded field of those trying to “make it, ” there are those select few who will actually make it.  These are “The People To Watch Out For.”  In the the 3rd installment of “People To Watch Out For In 2013,” we proudly present  GoGo Morrow. GoGo Morrow is a tripple threat singer, song writer, and dancer from the city of Philadelphia. She has already began to make her mark across the world. Gogo started out as a back up singer for Lady Gaga and has quickly catapulted herself to center stage, where she belongs!

I had the opportunity to see GoGo perform for the very first time at the  “She’s Next” showcase.  Her performance was that of a seasoned professional singer/ dancer . She possessed a  “magical quality,” hitting  every note and dance move with determination and style. GoGo exhibits all the qualities of a great recording artist. She is amazing vocally and puts on a” crisp and clean ” performance. GoGo simply  knows what she’s doing and she does it well!  I even joked with her saying , “I felt like I was at a Beyonce’ concert .”  While  that may be an extremely premature statement to make, GoGo Morrow is a rising star with limitless possibilities and is surely someone to watch out for in the year 2013.

In this edition of Arielle Donce’ The “Digital Diva” exclusives, Hot 107.9  presents : “People To Watch Out For In 2013: GoGo Morrow”



Here is Gogo Morrow’s story:

GoGo “Yeah, I said GoGo” Morrow is an atypical, creative force making her indelible mark as a singer, songwriter, and dancer. In her travels, the first thing people always ask is “why the name GoGo?”

Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill: Vol 1. can answer that question. GoGo Morrow states, “GoGo Yubari’s character was an innocent-faced, assassin that you never saw coming. The same holds true for me as an artist. People never see me coming but I’m here and I’m a triple threat as a singer, writer, and dancer. I’m always up for a challenge.”

Indeed, being up for a challenge has always been in her blood. GoGo Morrow got her start singing in West Philadelphia as a small child listening to her father sing. As she began to find her own voice, her father would challenge her to a sing off. If she kept up, she’d win $2 – quite the payoff for an aspiring, young artist.
GoGo Morrow began singing in church and, at age 10, joined the Prince Music Theater’s Rainbow Company where she honed her theatrical skills over the next seven years. She went on to earn a degree in Music Business from Millersville University. During that time, she worked as an intern for Philadelphia International Records, then as an assistant at Def Jam under the tutelage of her mentor Record Executive Leesa Brunson.

Combining all of her life experience, GoGo Morrow secured a coveted 2 year engagement as a background singer and dancer for Lady GaGa’s The MonsterBall Tour. She has also performed as a solo opening act for Rick Ross, LilWayne, Fabolous, and Kendrick Lamar, just to name a few. Most recently, she performed at the WaWa fes8val, opening for Lauryn Hill, Common, The Roots, and Queen Latifah.


Check out the video below for an  exclusive interview with myself and GoGo as well as live performance footage from the “She’s Next” show case :

GoGo Morrow’s  live performance on “Eye Opener”

GoGo Morrow -Take this Love [Official Video]