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Just as Philadelphia Eagles fans started to settle into missing the NFL Football season, the Eagles announced the restructuring of Quarterback Michael Vick’s contract. With that move the national and local media went into a frenzy and started to get on their sandbox and talked about how this was the worst move the Eagles could have made.

The honeymoon period that many Eagles fans had with newly hired Head Coach Chip Kelly didn’t even make it over the threshold to the house. Fans have already decided to drop Chip at the door and get a divorce. Not so fast. Like marriage we are Eagles fans, for better and worse. I’m sure the latest move may have a lot of fans questing Coach Kelly but let me help calm your heart rate and settle you down a little.

Much of what is being said is the Eagles don’t have a future with Mike Vick and Nick Foles is a better Quarterback. LOL. If you’re saying that you truly have no football sense or you have a personal issue with Mike Vick. There is no way that anyone with common sense can truly say Foles is better than Vick, but then again many of those same people said Kolb was better than Vick. Further proves their lack of knowledge.

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, keep in mind, Andy Reid left detailed player reviews on both Mike Vick and Nick Foles. I’m sure Andy’s analysis along with the game tape gives Coach Kelly all he needs to make the right decision.  What fans are also missing is the obvious fact that a cap friendly Mike Vick contract makes him appealing to other NFL teams in case the Eagles decide to part ways with him.

Instead of running with emotional lead thoughts think about how the restructuring of Vick’s contract put the Eagles in the best possible scenario and give them leverage on other teams because they can now move either Quarterback and get max value.

Personally, I believe Mike Vick gives the Eagles the best chance to win now. I also believe the future Quarterback of the Eagles is not currently on the roster, nor do I believe he is in this years draft class. So don’t panic just yet, it’s still very early and in a months time we could easily be talking about just how great this one decision help jumpstart our road back to having a respected football team.

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