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Funny fact about Kamala: he was known in the WWF as the “The Ugandan Giant” but he was actually born and raised in Mississippi. Kamala got the pseudonym from National Geographic Magazine in which there was an article about a Ugandan doctor with the same name. The WWF made him a gimmicky cannibal because they thought he would be great character to add but his wrestling skills were pretty poor. Despite that, he became a beloved character in both the WWF and WCW.

James Dudley

Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 1994, Dudley made history when he became the first African American to head a major arena in the United States.  WWE CEO Vincent McMahon said that Dudley was an “important cog” in the WWF and “had there been no James Dudley, the WWF possibly wouldn’t exist as it does today.”

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