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Rapper 50 Cent is not feeling warm and fuzzy about a potential reunion of his former group G-Unit, which consisted of Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Young Buck and The Game.  50 Cent said his reasoning behind not wanting to reunite deals mainly with former members grievances within the group especially with former member The Game.  50 told The Boom Box, ” Every time there was nothing going on [Game] said “F*ck you, 50,” to generate some sort of new interest. But now that doesn’t work anymore. So you gotta figure out a new way to do it. And now it’s saying, ‘We’ll get G-Unit back together!’ … If it worked it would be something cool that I did. [But] what would you say if I actually did put it together and then it fell apart right in front of you?”  50 also said that crews within the artist camps could put bitterness and past hatred in the other members ears and that could bring up even more ill feelings.  For more info with this story go to SOHH Dot com or click the link right below: http://www.sohh.com/2013/02/50_cent_wont_entertain_rushing_g-unit_re.html

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