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Asia Sparks is a freak of nature PERIOD. This pass weekend Asia Sparks shut down the “She’s Next” concert at Sigma Sound Studios . The concert had a strong lineup of performers but to some Asia seemed to be a fan favorite. Unbelievably, the Philadelphia native has only been ” doing music” for 5 months but displays the confidence and stage presence of a PRO. According to Atlantic Records Rep. Kevin Holiday, Sparks was one of his favorite performers of the night. He along with everyone else in the room were amazed at the fact she has only been performing 5 months.

Asia Spark’s rap style is true to her Philadelphia roots, however, her tracks are somewhat refreshing. She is vulgar, she is bold, and most importantly  she is talented! Sparks not only has above average rapping abilities but she can also can hold a tune! Does that sound familiar? Asia could be compared to Nicki Minaj,  they have a lot of similarities but she is by no means a “copy-cat” or “prototype” maybe the comparison comes so easily because Nicki is practically the only female out right now! But what do you think? Is Asia Sparks the next Nicki Minaj? Let us know what you think!

In this edition of “Digital Diva” exclusives Asia Sparks gives a star studded performance at the “She’s Next” show case concert!

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You might have recognized  someone in the video, yes YOU ARE right that was YMCMB’s own Lil’ Chuckee Asia was giving a lap dance too!